Temporary Roofs Bromley

Temporary Roofs are a large part of Superior Access Scaffolding's business, which comprises the construction of temporary roof structures as both an extension to a current scaffolding structure or as a stand-alone scaffold construction. Temporary roofs defend a building project from the weather, dust and environment destruction.

The design and construction of temporary roofs have evolved massively over the years, due to advancements in the system scaffolding industries; parts like wider spans are now possible. Superior Access Scaffolding can provide temporary roofs practising the ‘traditional’ corrugated iron sheets method.

Haki System Temporary Roofs

Superior Access Scaffolding owns a substantial amount of the Haki system roof which means that large areas can be covered and temporary roofs can be built without the necessity for intermediate support, and this gives us the most cost-effective approach to covering varying sizes of span.